Let’s build the House of mercy together


We need your help!

Let’s build the House of mercy together.

(The monastery St.   Xenia of Petersburg in the village of Berniki of Vitebsk region).

Very soon, near the temple of St.Xenia in the village of Berniki will be built the House of mercy.  This House will provide shelter and Christian care to lonely and elderly Orthodox people.In the monastery will help to the people caught in a difficult situation. We hope all in need will receive the help they need soon.

In order for the House of mercy was built we need your support. To participate in a good cause, evreryone can.  Pray for us or support our project any financial assistance.Your help will bring joy and hope to the desperate people.

God save you!

Bank details for money transfers:

210027, Беларусь , город Витебск , пр . Черняховского , 28/13
р/с 3015116417018 в ЦБУ №207 ОАО “БПС-Сбербанк” в городе Витебске, пр.Черняховского,27,код 153001369
УНН 300512624 ОКПО 28847092

Мobile phone number: +37529 712 83 73
E-mail: vitniko59@mail.ru
Skype username: vitniko

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