Welcome to the children’s Orthodox camp “Friendship”


We invite children from 6 to 14 years old on summer vacation.

Children’s health camp “Friendship” situated in a beautiful location of Vitebsk region(eight kilometers from Vitebsk) on the bank of the Bernese lakes.

The educational process in our camp based on the Orthodox values.Spirital traditions help young people make decisions in different situations without breaking the rules of morality.Experienced educators our camp show concern for the spiritual development of each child.

We have games,sport’s,theatrical and musical contests,campfires and hikes as in other camps.Additionally-prayer,conversations with priests,the study of the traditions of Orthodoxy.

For our camp is unacceptable smoking,profanity,disrespect to the Orthodox faith.

In the Orthodox camp the children will become more disciplined,attentive and responsible.

Also in our camp children will have a great stay.
We are waiting for you guys!

The first change from 20 June to 7 July.
The second change from 11 to 28 July.
The third change from 8 to 25 August.

The cost of the permit for foreign citizens – 4 500 000 BYR (after July1, – 450 BYR).

Contact phone numbers -(37529) 268 56 23,(37529) 293 76 20(mobile numbers).

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